Ice Designs

Sunday Brunch

Set the right atmosphere and mood for you sunday brunch

A combination of breakfast and lunch eaten usually during the late morning to early afternoon 10am-2pm.
Luxury hotels will usually have a full spread of fresh food from around the world. Ice sculptures are used to accentuate the food and table decor and also highlight a holiday or special event.

Cold Food Station

Creative and innovative ways to keep food ice cold

Some fresh foods need to be chilled while being presented such as sushi, seafood, ice creams or sorbets.
We craft cold food ice stations with design and functionality in mind. Our goal is to have your food properly chilled and beautifully presented for your consumers.

Logo Replication

A perfect reproduction of your logo in crystal clear ice

Let it be, a corporate event, wedding or a grand opening.. Be remembered with your LOGO shining through an ice sculpture, it’s sure way to enhance your branding and marketing campaign. Whether used as centerpiece at your product launch, a monogram on a wedding piece or as an interactive conversation piece, a #Logo Replication on an ice sculpture is a sure way to freeze your brand into the minds of people you are trying to reach.


The time to astonish your guest wish pure elegance

On one of the most important days in you life, amaze your guests by highlighting the theme of your wedding in crystal clear ice.

Light up the room with elegance and style. With a wedding monogram, ice bars, centerpieces, vases, cake stands.

Costume design and create one of a kind images that will be in memories of your friend and family for a lifetime.

Ice Luges

Party like a rock-star

Prepare to have you party goers taking shot after shot as they in amazement as the shots come down ice cold through a channel straight to your mouth. Funnel and tubing can be used for more formal get togethers. Ice luges normally last longer then the heaviest of drinkers.

Ice Bar

The coolest way to serve a room

The full functioning live Ice Bar is the ultimate way to highlight the Bar Area for a promotion or a special occasion.

These full sized bars can be customized to look amazing with logos, product placement and will last your full event.

Freeze In

Have you product Frozen in time, Suspended in space.

This process take 5 days of continuous monitoring. Products will be place in already forming ice and carefully incase it in ice free from air bubbles or impurities.

The result will be… an unforgettable image of your product suspended in space and frozen in time all lit up for the world to see.

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